What wigs are we falling for this Fall?

That time of year is slowly creeping around the corner, where autumn leaves will start to fall and temperatures begin to drop, the days get shorter and the nights get colder. But one thing we can’t get enough of this season is that rich, lavish colour palette. A dose of earth tones complimenting the surroundings and adding a touch of warm elegance to your look. You might be cold girl, but you will most definitely be cold in style 💅🏽 and we’ve got the perfect wigs to add some sizzle to your look!

Cocoa Macchiato Bob

Our newly introduced cocoa macchiato bob is a perfect blend of edgy and elegant. If hot chocolate was a hairstyle, this would be it! 🍫 🔥, the rich dark chocolate sets the tone and mood for the season, think sharp with a touch of softness. This style, like a few of our recent bobs has the option of a fringe or no fringe, with the choice between a 10 inch or a 12 inch unit. So before you head out; layer up, throw on a taupe coat and your cocoa macchiato bob will do the rest.


A shorter style we recommend trying this season is Mei! Quite similar to Jet Lii from the Hookline X Collection but slightly longer and conveying somewhat of a mature, sophisticated look. This style is sleek and polished and is perfect to wear on those cold crisp days where minimum effort is preferred but the visual effect is just as good!

Pumpkin Spice

This style is without a doubt our go to for autumn! The colour signifies the essence of the season translating to a warm but sharp striking look. This colour is showcased in a variety of styles, we have the long styles 18-28 inches with densities 130% and 180%, and then we have the bob styles that come in lengths 10 and 12 inch with the option of a fringe or no fringe. Cause a stir this fall, and have this ginger spice emblazoned in their minds.



Another new release perfect the colder seasons; this style is highly striking with a blunt cut fringe. If you loved our Black Diamond Straight but needed something more hard hitting then Cleopatra is your girl. Think sleek, sharp, contouring and statement making! Did we forget to mention it’s a lace front 👀 making it significantly cheaper! And as Halloween is approaching, this style works perfectly for your vixen/siren/catwoman looks.

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