Hey Divas!

Below is some info you may want to read through before purchasing your Temper Hair. We have added as much information as possible for you to know exactly what to expect from us. We are so excited to welcome you to the Temper Tribe! 


Before you order your wig, please make sure to measure your head as we only sell in medium cap sizes. The reason for this is because, you can adjust your wig using the combs and the adjustable straps built in the wig. If you prefer an exact fit e.g Small or medium, these will need to be preorderd. 

Please refer to our size chart below. 


Q: What is Temper hair made of? 

A: All our wigs are 100% Remy Human Hair, Grade 9A and 10A 🏆 Brazilian and Malaysian hair. All colours have been designed and tested by our founder and Boss Lady Nyané before production. 


Q: What is grade 9A & 10A, and why do you use this type of hair? 

A: Grade 9 & 10A is the best and quite affordable hair considered the luxury grade in the hair industry! It’s more expensive than your usual 5A 6A 7A and 8A but well worth the $ as it will last you a LONG TIME. Our wigs have been double knotted on our 9A wigs and single knotted on our 10A wigs.

The lower grades will appear more puffy which looks fuller but more prone to frizzing and tangling while 9A & 10A will appear more sleek and bone straight but will require a higher density to provide a fuller look. It’s better to invest in a higher grade as in the long run it actually saves you money. 


*Nyané has worked with Grade 7A and 8A before but much prefers the higher grades.



Q: Will the net match my scalp? 

A: We use transparent and light brown nets, this way, each individual is able to tint the net with their own concealer/ foundation to match their skin tone perfectly. We recommend doing this any time you wear a wig because it is very rare to find a net that will match your skin tone anyway. If you find it you're lucky, but we prefer to make all our wigs available to everyone so no one's left out. 


Q: Which net is better, transparent or light brown. 

A: Either of these are a good base for tinting to your skin tone, so no need to worry! 


Q: Why doesn’t my wig look thick?

A: At Temper we offer different densities. 130% / 150% / 180% / 200%. 

You can choose between different densities for most of our wigs. Bare in mind, 130% is thinner but it looks more natural as most people will have rather thin hair naturally and style it up to look fuller. If you prefer full, glamorous hair, opt for a higher density. Please check our blog post on densities here.


Q: Will my wig shed? 

A: Although wigs shed just like your normal hair would, we have made sure our wigs last a long time and don’t loose too much hair over time. To avoid and minimise shedding please refer to blog post (HOW TO - Minimise shedding or Temper Magazine) 


Q: What are bleached Knots? 

A: Bleached knots is an option u can choose to have a more visible parting and prefer a super natural hairline without any dark knots in the net showing. The result looks amazing but please understand your wig is more likely to shed more than usual if you opt for bleached knots, this is because the knots holding the hair together weaken and dry out after being bleached so are more likely to snap when brushing. You may possibly loose density. Even though this may happen we are still happy to provide this service as the visible results are outstanding. 

It’s not as bad as it sounds and is worth it as the hair just ends up looking PERFECT like it’s growing from your actual scalp. 

Please note* Nyané doesn’t always bleach her knots, there’s other ways to make your wig look natural without bleaching. Refer to our video on youtube (how to make a wig look natural without bleaching knots)* 

All our wigs are already slightly bleached at the front too so still look amazing without full bleaching. 


Q: Can I bleach the knots myself?

A: Yes you can bleach the knots yourself. 

Some of our wigs have gone through a specific way of colouring so will not be bleach-able and colour can’t be changed easily. Refer to each listing for more details on bleached knots and hair colours. 

  • #1B Roots Can Not be bleached
  • #2 Roots Can Be bleached


Q: Do I have to pay for customs on top of what I’ve already paid for my Temper product? 

A: Refer to our shipping policy.


Q: When will I receive my wig?

A: In the first months of our business we will need between 2 and 3 weeks to process your order before we can ship it to you. Shipping then takes between 3 and 10 days depending where you are in the world. For more details please refer to our shipping policy.


Q: Can I return my wig?

A: We do accept returns or exchanges! As long as your tag is still on the wig. The net has not yet been cut and you haven’t applied any products, heat or coloured it we are more than happy to accept your return. 

Exchanging your wig works the same way too! 



Q: How do I get Temper magazine? 

A: Temper mag is only available to customers who have purchased from us before. There’s a lot of surprises and information that can be found Only in Temper Magazine. So this one is only for the Temper Divas! 

Issues are renewed every 2 to 3 Months yaaass!! 





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