A Blonde Affair

One of our most versatile styles introduced! After what seemed like forever, we finally introduced our Almond Latte Blonde with an array of root colours and possible styling options. First to hit the scene was our Almond Latte Blonde Bob, previously named ‘Blonde Blend’. This style now also has the option of roots as well as the customisation of adding a fringe, and comes in lengths 10 and 12 inches.

Almond Latte Blonde (Bob)

Almond Latte Blonde Bob 10" (No Roots)

Almond Latte Blonde Bob 10" (Fringe)


Almond Latte Blonde Bob 12" (With Roots)


Almond Latte Blonde (Long)

But if you’re after a longer length, you can select from 18 to 30 inches and 130% and 180% densities. Our longer styles are even better as they come with two different colour root options, you can choose ‘Ash Brown’ roots if you’re after a slightly darker shade or ‘Strawberry Blonde’ for something more light and blended. The shade of the hair is platinum blonde, and the beauty of this colour is that it can be toned (pastels always work amazingly) or dyed to whatever colour you desire. In a way it's like working with a blank canvas, because when you start off with a lighter base/foundation pretty much any colour can be achieved. So if later on down the line you decide blonde is no longer for you, the hair is very adaptable - making it well worth your money spent!

Almond Latte Blonde (No Roots)

Almond Latte Blonde (Strawberry Blonde Roots)

Almond Latte Blonde (Ash Brown Roots)

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