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Ocean Wave

From €600,00

Lavender Haze

From €445,00

Blush Baby Curl

From €580,00

Candy Sunset

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Maracuja Mélange

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Azure Sky

From €445,00

Flamingo Flame

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Blog Posts

Invasion Of The Lace Fronts

I think it’s fair to say that here at Temper we have something for everyone! Whether you’re after something short, long (inches hunty), bright, dark, pastel we’ve got the hookup!...

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Caring For Your Curls

Now I know you didn’t expect to just throw your wig on every other day with no maintenance and pray that the quality remains the same 👀 because all types of hair...

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A Wig For Every Season

If you love to switch up your hair as much we do here at Temper, then you’ll most likely have a different colour for every season. We tend to wear...

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