Almond Latte LYTE

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As we are building a new experience for you, we begin by relaunching all our classics as LYTE editions (lace front).

They are more affordable, and fully customisable. With the LYTE editions you can now choose from eight length options and four density options. Additionally you can customise each of the wigs with three different root options and fringe/bangs.

1 June 2021

As the world reopens and we are gearing up to bring TEMPER back with all the classics but also introduce the newest wig and hair trends you have seen Nyané rock in the past months. Our goal is to have all our classics available as LYTE editions plus lots of new models including the holographic as LYTE editions by June 1st. The next step will be bringing back full lace wigs and making them as customisable as the LYTE editions.

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