Lace It Up

I think it’s fair to say that here at Temper we have something for everyone! Whether you’re after something short, long (inches hunty), bright, dark, pastel we’ve got the hookup! But sometimes our styles can be quite daring, garish and perhaps daunting especially if you haven’t worn a wig before but want to be inducted into the House of Temper. So of course it only made sense that we’d introduce some styles for our beginners - in the form of a Lace front wig!

Our lace fronts in comparison to a full lace are much simpler to style and a lot cheaper. And although hairstyles may be limited when it comes to lace fronts, if you haven’t worn a wig before we’d definitely recommend you starting off with this style.

We’ve got a diverse selection of cuts and length designed to suit our variety of customers. See below our list of styles, listed in ascending order according to length.



Similar to the style Sayumi but a few inches shorter. Jia grazes the cheekbones, with a fringe that sits just above your brows. This style is highly reminiscent of a Parisian bob, so if you're blessed with killer cheekbones that’s a plus for you! The exact length is 8 inches, with the back slightly layered. If you love a classic bob with an edge, then look no further.



This was our first ever lace front wig. We wanted to introduce something different but still maintained a natural look. Kimiko is our soft curly bob coming in at 10 inches in either 130% density or 150% depending on how much volume you desire. This style is one of our most natural looking, no muss no fuss wigs, as it doesn’t entail much styling 🙌🏽



This has become one of our most popular styles ever since its release! We wanted to bring you a bob similar to Zuki, with a few more inches and something easy, short and sweet to style for our lovely beginners. Suzuki comes in lengths 10 inches and 12 inches, the 12” can also be styled in a mini half up half down if you want to switch it up a bit and add some flavour to your look. It can also be waved, or dyed if you ever wish to change the shade, and even better – this is one of our low maintenance wigs that doesn’t require much styling.



Our newly released long lace front style. This is quite similar to our Black Diamond Straight, but is of course significantly cheaper, ranging from lengths 18 – 28 inches and densities 130% and 180%. The hair is Indian, so beach waves can easily be achieved by wetting the hair and letting it air dry, or you can simply use curling tongs to create polished, bouncy, luscious waves. This style will have you looking lavish on a budget whether straight or curled 💅🏽

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