Keep Your Curls Intact

Now I know you didn’t expect to just throw your wig on every other day with no maintenance and pray that the quality remains the same 👀 because all types of hair need some TLC, especially wigs! So for today we would like to pay extra attention to our curly styles – Black Diamond Deep Curl and Loose Curl, Deep Chestnut and Kimiko as these require more effort to sustain. So to ensure your wig is here for a long time and NOT just a good time, we’ve got a few tips for you 😊

Black Diamond Deep Curl

Black Diamond Loose Curl

Deep Chestnut



For the curls, if you’re going to brush we’d suggest using a Denman brush, this is known to work perfectly for curly hair especially when wet! It detangles the hair and helps to define the curls even more. Alternatively we’d recommend running your fingers through the hair to detangle. You may also find it easy to spray the hair with water or curling mousse/foam, especially with Black Diamond Loose Curl and Deep Curl to maintain and define the waves and also to avoid frizzyness. You can even wear the hair wet, for a wet look wavy hair and have them think you’ve just come back from a casual ocean swim 🤷🏾‍♀️

Denman Brush - available at Amazon or your local drug store

Got2b Curling Mousse - available at or your local drug store

Loose Curl normal styling (finger brushing)

Loose Curl - styled wet look using spray water bottle and curling mousse



When it comes to washing your curly hair, we’d suggest being as delicate as possible as this hair is of course more prone to tangling. A normal wash and condition routine will suffice, finger brush or use a detangling brush as you condition the hair to make sure you’re rid of any tangles. If you want the hair to be extra soft, let the conditioner sit for a few hours, wash thoroughly then let the hair air dry and refer back to the brushing routine. To keep the hair healthy and hydrated we’d suggest using Argan oil. This also helps to define the curls furthermore and keeps your hair shiny and soft!

Argan Oil Of Morocco - available at Amazon

Loose Curl - after wash and styling

After Care & Styling

To style the hair we’re going to repeat some of the steps noted in the brushing and washing section. As mentioned above, you can spray water onto the hair and brush out with a denman brush. Whilst the hair is still damp, apply argan oil and distribute evenly onto the hair (not too much as we don’t want the hair looking greasy) using your hands or a towel, you can scrunch up the hair making sure there is no excess liquid, this also shapes and defines the curls. On the other hand, you can substitute the argan oil for leave in hair conditioner, unlike normal conditioner this doesn’t need to be washed out after. Apply this to freshly cleansed/washed hair and leave it in, and your hair will feel extra soft and moisture afterwards.

Cantu leave in conditioner - available at

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