Different Day, Different Wig

If you love to switch up your hair as much we do here at Temper, then you’ll most likely have a different colour for every season.

We tend to wear more vibrant, loud tones during the warmer seasons, and muted tones during the colder seasons as we’re used to dressing according to our moods which in turn can be depicted by the weather at times. So as every season has its accent tones, so do we here at Temper. Scroll down to view our Temper recommendations - we’ve got you covered all year round.



It goes without saying that during summer we’re accustomed to dressing in quite bold, bright and daring shades. We choose to embody the essence of the season by being vibrant, flamboyant in our dress sense, which will also translate into the overall styling of hair and makeup.

Here’s a rundown of our favourite summer styles, guaranteed to make a statement this summer!

Vivid Tones

Our Daredevil Collection is surely one to cause a stir with these bright, vivacious shades! If you’re looking for something striking, edgy and prominent, then this collection was made for you.

Dragon's Blood - @nyane

SciFi Blue Bob - @mpholebajoa

Nephrite Rock - @blvcmya

Tiger's Eye - @nyane

Dragon's Blood - @taylorsteingold


Pastel Tones

On the other hand if you’re feeling more on the softer side, and would like to go bright but in a more demure way but still portraying a distinctive look, then we’d recommend some styles from our Legacy Collection as well as the Dreamland Collection.

Bubblegum Pink - @karolinameschino

Queen Serenity - @amaniidawood & @romyxsara_

Bubblegum Pink Bob - @blvcmya

Lavender Haze

Ocean Wave

Blush Baby Curl



If there’s a season we love as much as summer, it would have to be autumn! You could almost say it’s the calm before the storm (winter). However, many find this transitional period quite pleasant, as autumns nature is bestowed upon us and the days get shorter, one thing that comes to mind is the colour palette! The rich, lavish deep shades of brown, burnt orange and forest green create ambiance and set the tone for the season.

Pumpkin Spice and Deep Chestnut

So of course our most Autumn-esque styles without a doubt are Pumpkin Spice and Deep Chestnut! Pumpkin Spice is the absolute epitome of autumn, embodying the season with this striking shade of ginger, this style ranges from a 10inch bob (fringe or no fringe) to a 30 inch unit, and what’s even better is that this is our lowest priced coloured hair! Our Deep Chestnut also a rich shade of brown comes in 24 inches, also with the option of a fringe or no fringe.

Pumpkin Spice

Deep Chestnut


Black Diamond Collection

Another collection that comes to mind when you think of the colder seasons is our Black Diamond Collection, comprising of Black Diamond Straight, Black Diamond Loose Curl and Black Diamond Deep Curl. This is our natural black collection, with the styles being moderately long, voluminous and rich in texture guaranteed to get you through the winter looking sleek and polished.

Black Diamond Straight - @arunyaguillot

Black Diamond Loose Curl

Black Diamond Straight and Black Diamond Loose Curl

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