As we can all agree, whenever making a hefty purchase especially one equivalent to your monthly rent 🙋🏾 you always hope that your purchase is worth eating instant noodles for dinner for the next two weeks 😂

Here at Temper we make sure your wig purchase is well worth it, from the quality of the hair down to the packaging and its contents. We ensure to use only the best of the best so that you are satisfied and happy with your purchase!

The Box

Our premium and first class wigs are packaged in a pastel pink rectangular box covered in a suede like fabric and soft to the touch, with a purple satin tab on the side to pull open. The inside is draped in pink satin, with your wig neatly stored in a suede like dustbag.

Premium Wigs

• Pumpkin Spice


First Class Wigs

• Black Diamond Collection

• Daredevil Collection

• Dreamland Collection

• Espresso Collection

• Hookline X Collection 

• Legacy Collection

• Deep Chestnut, Maracuja Mélange 


  • X2 Wig Caps (light and dark)
  • X2 Baby Brushes (for your edges girl)
  • Temper Magazine (First Class wigs only)

Temper Magazine

We also wanted to include a little something special to give you a better feel of Temper and our styles. In this booklet we’ve included a step by step guide on how to install your wig especially for our first time wearers to make you feel comfortable and confident with your purchase. There’s also a mini Q&A with our CEO Nyane, explaining a little bit more about the brand, our hair and how to maintain it to ensure a prolonged life. As well as a few more of our looks catalogued for you.


Standard Class Wigs

Our Standard class wigs are packaged in a pink pillow like box with a gloss finish and also packed in a suede touch dustbag inside. Included in the box are also two wig caps (light and dark), see below for our standard class wigs:

• Jia

• Kimiko

• Suzuki


We hope you enjoy your wig 😊

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