Spooky season is well underway and we couldn’t be more excited! A time to release your inner crazy, non-conformed self and just simply colour outside the lines! We particularly love this time of year as we’re inundated with the possibility of looks to create and the different avenues you could take. To assist with this, you know here at Temper we’ll of course have a plethora of wigs to choose from, and the beauty of all the collections is that you could select any style, colour, and length and adapt it to suit your vision! From something spooky to something sexy, take your pick we’ve got the hook up. Head down below to see some of our favourite Halloween looks so far in Temper Hair.

  1. @alannahlewks in SciFi Blue 10” Bob – we’ve seen Alannah serve look after look in this bob and each style has been significantly different from the other. But we weren’t quite prepared for these Halloween looks she unleashed upon us. The first is a look inspired by the animated dark fantasy film ‘Coraline’ complete with a bloody gory button eye, and the SciFi Blue adding a perfect touch.

And secondly this one inspired by @deladeso artwork🙌🏽


  1. @kali.ledger in Jia – if you’re not into the hectic makeup, or simply don’t have time for a full on hair and makeup production, simple bunny ears, cat ears or devil horns will suffice. Here Kali shows us how to perfectly execute an effortless Halloween bunny look in our shortest bob Jia. This hair will work for just about any look – 1920’s Gatsby, catwoman you name it, it’s achievable and for only 89euros what’s not to love!

Kali in 'Jia' as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction


  1. @cryssrezy in Zuki – there are no limitations when it comes to Cryss and her looks. We’ve seen her wear 6 wigs from our Temper Collections and she never seizes to amaze us! With a different concept for each look, and creativity oozing from each one of them, look no further for your fancy dress inspiration Cryss has you covered.


  1. @rowisingh in SciFi Blue Bob 12” – known for her eclectic mix of looks, Rowi always delivers when it comes to serving face! This time she went cyber fembot in our 12” SciFi Blue Bob and we are living for this look!


Here are a few more images of our favourite girls serving in Temper this Halloween.

@delia.maite - Lavender Haze

@kali.ledger - Jia

@lizzardfanning - Queen Serenity

@kali.ledger - Suzuki

@bonniestrange - Pumpkin Spice

@pepperwinklesig - Candy Sunset


@megnic_ - Almond Latte Blonde (Strawberry Blonde Roots)

@cryssrezy - Pitaya Pink Bob

@nyane - Almond Latte Blonde

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