At Temper we provide different Densities depending how thick you like your hair. Each density will always appear thinner at the bottom as it’s designed to look natural and uncut. If you prefer it to be very thick at the bottom too, you might want to opt for a longer length and chop off an inch or two for that straight thick cut look.


Here’s a chart that will show you the difference between thickness.



  • The thicker the wig, the thicker it appears at the top too (refer to bubblegum pink no roots).
  • The less density wig 130% is the more affordable and the density that most people usually wear.
  • Nyané always wears 180% or 200% as she likes her hair very thick, but depending on your head shape and preference you might want to choose 130% for a natural look and it’s much more affordable.

Below is Bubblegum Pink 200% density


Below is bubblegum pink 180% density 

1. straight 

2. Body wave and straight 180%

3. Bodywave 180% density 


Sihle said:

just discovered this website and I love it so much!! I’m considering to buy one of these wigs for my prom in July. SO EXCITED!

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