These are some of our favourite products that we highly recommended for your Temper wig. 

They will keep your hair/ wig looking sleek, shiny and healthy.



Beauty works Argan serum -

This serum works wonders on damaged hair or dry hair. You can apply it before straightening or curling to minimise heat damage. It also works great on making your hair sleek and silky, so you can apply this after styling too.

 If you can’t get hold of this serum, you can look for anything with Argan/ morrocan oil and follow the same steps.


Another product we love at Temper is - Olaplex hair perfector no.3

Use this twice a month if you wear your wig a lot, you hair will look brand new! It strengthens your hair and brings back that shine, proceed with a conditioner and let your wig air dry after washing.




If you’ve recently purchased our QUEEN SERENITY WIG, these are the best products to keeping your hair silver/ white.

  • Maria Nila Sheer silver shampoo and conditioner. These are by far the best products, these are great because they balance out the silver tone making it look not too purple or too grey but keep it more of a lighter silver/ white tone. We highly recommend these.


Team Temper 💋


April 26, 2019 — Team Temper

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