If there’s one particular style we get asked about a lot, it’s anything to do with a fringe! From the release of the Black Diamond Collection till now, we’ve always had a number of requests to add styles with bangs to pretty much all of our collections. However much like the hair colour blonde or ginger, there are so many possible outcomes. With blonde the number of shades attainable is extensive; you could have platinum, ash blonde, golden or silver blonde and with ginger it could be a light auburn to a copper tone, all dependant on personal preference. This also rings true with a fringe style as different types suit different face shapes. Therefore when releasing our styles with fringes we made sure that these would suit just about everyone - being not too thin or too thick but just the right amount of feathering making it adaptable for each individual as they see fit as well as being easy to maintain

Almond Latte Blonde Bob

Bruce Lii

Cocoa Macchiato Bob

Deep Chestnut

(Image of Jet)




Queen Serenity Bob

As mentioned above, the fringe volume of these styles isn't too heavy making it possible for them to be changed and adapted as you go along. You can achieve a sort of 70’s curtain fringe by separating the fringe in the middle and sweeping the hair to each respective side, or if you feel the fringe isn’t as thick as you would like, you can simply add more volume by snipping more hair strands in the front to add to it.

By far one of our most striking fringe styles launched! Cleopatra is our first blunt cut fringe, sharp, distinctive and captivating. While you may be drawn to some styles due to the colour, length, or cut, Cleopatra reels you in with THAT fringe! Oh and don't forget it's a lace front too, so won't even hurt your bank account! 

Overall we've got enough styles to satisfy your appetite. On the other hand if you’re brave or skilled enough with a pair of scissors, you can easily cut a fringe on just about all of our wig styles. Check out a few customizations below 👇🏾

Bubblegum Pink

Queen Serenity

Black Diamond Straight

Pitaya Pink Bob

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