Heatwave Hair

As the temperatures have been soaring for the past few weeks, the inevitable question arises…how will I wear my hair in this heat!? Needless to say a short hair style is usually preferable, after all back sweat and long hair is never a good combination 🤢

So whether you’re cruising the Amalfi Coast or on a yacht somewhere picturesque in Greece, we’ve got the perfect styles for you! Scroll down for our signature short stuff!

Short Hair Styles


Our go to look for literally any day! If you want something short, simple but sassy – Sayumi is your girl. At 10-11 inches this style sits above your shoulders just below your jawline, with a windswept fringe. Wear it straight for a much more polished look or wavy for a relaxed beach daze feel. Waves can be achieved by lightly drizzling some water on the hair and scrunching it. To maintain the waves throughout the day you can also carry around a small spray bottle filled with water to lightly dash it if you want the waves defined all day. Or even so, why not continuously spray it to keep it damp to achieve a wet look 💁‍♀️ who said a wet look was only for photoshoots 💅🏻




This style is our lace front bob which comes in two different lengths. If you prefer more of the shorter style, we have 10 inches and if you’re looking to be able to style it up a bit then 12 inches is your best bet. Just like Sayumi, this hair comes straight but can easily be waved just by adding water to create luscious beach waves, and like all our other wigs the parting can easily be changed from middle to side parting.


Longer Hair Styles

Now if you’re feeling brave enough to sweat it out and can’t live without luscious long locks, we have the perfect styles for you.

Black Diamond Loose Curl

One of our favourite and popular styles amongst customers. A classic, simple timeless look, and might we say one of our most natural looking styles. Perfect for the summer due to the loose curls creating a flowy light look, and like our above styles water can be sprayed throughout the day for a wet look and maintenance of the curls, keeping you and your hair hydrated 💦



Blush Baby Curl

If you’re feeling a little extra, we’ve got the hookup for you! Talk about 70’s disco vibes, our Blush Baby Curl will elevate your holiday look instantly, with the tight defined curls juxtaposed against the soft pastel, this look is bound to make waves.

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