COVID-19 Update // PRE-ORDER

As much as we'd love to restock all our wigs, the covid-19 measures still obstruct production and logistics in a major way. Nevertheless, in the next weeks, we are shipping pre-orders from the past 2 months and we only managed to do so because you were willing to wait. So we would like to say thank you for your continuous support, we wouldn't have been able to continue if it wasn't for your pre-orders. 

Now, instead of not restocking at all, we decided to run another round or pre-orders so those of you who are willing to wait can get hold of your favourite wigs and save some money while doing so, as we are be offering discounts (see below). Please read all the details below before placing an order. 



  • All items marked "Pre-Order" and listed on the Pre-Order Page ( will be shipping in OCTOBER.
  • Some items on the Pre-Order Page are marked "Instant Ship". This means that there is at least one option that is available for "instant ship". All other options will be treated as pre-orders.
  • Please understand that we have to reserve the right to cancel or change a pre-order at all times. Of course we will contact you with any such updates, but unfortunately stock shortages and damages can happen sometimes which has to result in changes and cancelation at this time. 
  • pre-order5 for 5% off (valid until OCT 5th, 10:00am CEST)



  • Instant Ship items are items that are with us already. They have been customised and are ready to ship at the time of ordering. They will be shipped out within 2-3 days of placing the order.



  • All other items that are not marked "Pre-Order" or "Instant Ship" will be processed in the usual 21-28 days and shipped as soon as they are ready. 
Updated 14th August 2020


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